Lee Caswell,
Sales Representative
Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage


A member of:
Northumberland Hills
Association of Realtors
Toronto Real Estate Board

Here's how Lee will work with you to sell your home:

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Selling your home? It is my goal to help you find your way in the complicated world of Real Estate and to find the best way to market and sell your home. Bosley Real Estate Ltd. is a 100% family owned and operated Real Estate company that has been successfully assisting the buying and selling public since 1928. It is a Canadian company, and the Bosley Family are actively involved in the day-to-day management. We have a great team with experience in all areas to answer any and all questions.

Here's what I'll do:
I'll explore your home from top to bottom and ask you many questions about its history, maintenance and condition. The valuation process is complicated but an assessment of your home is like a doctor's physical examination; I put your home through its paces and determine how your home stacks up. It is helpful to provide receipts or dates of repair or replacement of items such as the roof, furnace, AC, wiring, plumbing, exterior paint jobs, brick repairs, window and door work, plaster or drywall, flooring, to name but a few.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the largest expense rooms in the house and the rooms which look dated the quickest. Consumers focus a lot of attention on these areas when viewing your house. How well they are constructed and the number of baths is paramount in this day and age. Master bedroom ensuites and maybe a guest room and main floor powder room are equally important.

2) I compare your home to others that have sold or are currently listed, assessing similar features and comparing them with those of your home. The 'proof is in the pudding' with actual sales of properties! When there are not a great number of comparables, I will use different formulas to arrive at a sale price which will place your home in fair competition in today's market.

3) Part of my listing presentation will also include recommendations prior to listing. I usually provide a 'to do' list showing you items that may concern buyers. We all know the adage about lasting first impressions; this very much applies to selling your home. Some suggestions may seem time consuming or trivial, but I believe the difference is in the details. I strive not to hurt anyone's feelings but this is my profession. When we work together to eliminate items that may concern buyers we take potential drawbacks off the list before they even make it onto the list!

Most homeowners today have a concept of what their home is worth. Sometimes the estimated value is not only based on facts. It can be difficult to be analytical about this task; that is where my expert advice and experience can be of great value.

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